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PeevePeeve "Hawkeye" Pierce
    Our pet Peeve is an orange tabby that we adopted from a shelter. He was dehydrated and had diarrhea. He was also diagnosed with feline lower urinary tract disease. He is blood type B, and never donated because type B is not very common, but we were happy to have him!  He retired in July 2012.
Perry is an orange and white tabby that was just one year old when we adopted him from a shelter through PetsMart in March 2012. His bright orange eyes are usually what people notice first about him.  He is blood type A. 

    In March 2012 we said goodbye to Snuggles. He has found his forever home with a family that was very excited to welcome him.  While we are sad to see him go, we are excited for this new chapter in his life.  
Our Feline Blood Donors
Our cats are very spoiled! They are never kept in cages, they live in the hospital as they would any home.
​They love cat nip, the laser pointer, and each other!
Peeve Peeve
Peeve is blood type B.  He never donated because type B is rare.
Snuggles donated blood 4 times in 2011.
Aw, Snuggles, we love you!
Our Retired Blood Donors
We don't make our cats work forever as blood donors.  We find them a loving forever home when it is time for their retirement.
Perry Peeve & Perry
Brotherly love

TC came to us with a hurt paw.  We rescued him and he was a blood donor. He now lives with one of our staff members and comes to work with her every day!  
 Loves to sleep
Bruce .... a.k.a. "FatCat"
Bruce went home with one of our technicians when he retired. He is blood group A. Bruce donated in 2014. Bruce was rescued at the ER a few years ago and then placed in a home. When his new family could no longer keep him, we took him back as a blood donor. Bruce is VERY noisy, and loves to eat. 

We currently have 2 blood donors, 
Panda and Raven. Panda is our type B donor, and Raven is blood type A.
Simon was rescued from another veterinary hospital. We all love him so much, we cannot rehome him! He is now our resident cat. He is a polydactyl cat and is very cross-eyed. We love all his silly poses!